Tabtime Poppit Pill Ejector and Dispenser

Tabtime Poppit Pill Ejector and Dispenser

Portable pill dispenser and box to remove pills from blister foil packaging. Pills collected and distributed into your pill organiser, ideal for the elderly or those with weak or shaky hands.

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Tabtime Poppit Pill Ejector and Dispenser

Particular medication often comes in a fiddly foil packet which makes it hard to remove the pills, particularly if you suffer from Parkinson's or arthritis. Handling small pills can also prove difficult and you might find yourself dropping and losing them on the floor, or breaking them when attempting to de-blister the pill from the pack.

The Tabtime Poppit Pill Ejector and Dispenser allows the user to 'pop' pills and tablets out of their awkward foil packaging where they will be collected, making life that little bit easier for those who take regular medication. It also has four compartments, ideal for use as a portable pillbox.

How Does the Poppit Pill Ejector Work?

Poppit easily pushes pills out of their foil packs when you compress the handle, preventing you from losing or breaking the pill. It collects the tablets in the handle where they can then be dispensed into the daily pill box. This makes the device great for the elderly, those with Parkinson's or those with arthritis who may struggle with the fiddly packaging. 

The Pill Ejector also saves you time; you can de-blister several pills at once and collect them, ready to be taken, instead of having to de-blister the packet every single day. 

Once the pills have been removed from the pack and collected, you can fill your pill organiser/dispenser ready for the week ahead.

Features of the Pill Ejector and Dispenser

  • Pushes out pills from blister pack by compressing the handle
  • 4 compartment daily pillbox included to make collecting and organising your medication easier
  • Easy distribution - once pills have been collected, you can remove the tray and place it in your Tabtime organiser (not included) ready for the week
  • Compact and lightweight - easily transportable and can be kept on your person

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions LxWxH: 3.75" x 1" x 1.75"
  • Colour: white

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