Medpage Micro GPS Location Tracker and Fall Sensor

Medpage Micro GPS Location Tracker and Fall Sensor

The Medpage Micro GPS Location Tracker and Fall Sensor uses GPS tracking to send a precise location straight to your phone so that you can keep track of vulnerable loved ones.

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Medpage Micro GPS Location Tracker and Fall Sensor

The Medpage Micro GPS Location Tracker and Fall Sensor is the ultimate companion for elderly or vulnerable people. It provides confidence to those who may be vulnerable by ensuring they can always be found, through GPS tracking that can be accessed by carers' and guardians' phones to give them peace of mind. Extremely light and compact, it can be attached to keys, worn on a lanyard (included) or slipped into a bag or pocket.

Please note, there are some types of fall that the Medpage SOS Micro GPS Tracker will not detect. Due to this, we recommend pressing the SOS button whenever a fall occurs to ensure the user receives emergency care when required.

What's Included?

  • 1 x GPS Tracker
  • 1 x USB Wall Adaptor
  • 1 x Set of Instructions

Controlled Independence

The Micro GPS Location Tracker allows your elderly relatives some independence without leaving them feeling completely alone. Having this device on them will give you the ability to remotely track their location straight to your phone, including a setting that lets you know when they leave the house. It is ideal for those who worry about a patient wandering off or for those who have elderly relatives with dementia who cannot always be closely monitored.

Features and Benefits of the Micro GPS Location Tracker

  • GPS location accurate to 15m
  • Indoor location tracking via Wi-Fi detection
  • Two-Way mobile voice calling
  • Caller 'White List' to prevent annoyance calls
  • Fall detection sensors
  • Fall activation warning with button cancel
  • Journey history review (free service)
  • SOS contact button that sends location text to emergency contact list and or voice call
  • Set remote alarm reminders via Smartphone app
  • Link to home Wi-Fi for leaving home alert
  • Store up to 5 emergency contact numbers
  • Up to 72-hour battery standby
  • Wander detection alarm when leaving the home
  • Low SIM credit warning
  • Tracker battery status monitor via Smartphone app
  • Attach to keys, wear with lanyard (included) or slip in a bag or pocket

SOS Call Button and Fall Detection 

At a push of a button, the vulnerable person can send their location via text or a distress call can be made. The two-way voice calling system allows the carer and user to communicate with each other in real-time.

This device also has the added benefit of a fall sensor that is activated when it detects falls or crashing movements. If this is a false alarm, for example if the user has just dropped the device, they can quickly cancel the warning to prevent a message from being sent out.

Can the Medpage GPS Fall Sensor Auto-Connect Calls?

The Medpage Fall Sensor Alarm can be set to auto-connect calls if the user and guardian would prefer to bypass the "answer call" function on the sensor. This is particularly useful for elderly users and those with memory loss who may repeatedly forget how to navigate and use their sensor when a carer or loved one is calling them.

Does the Medpage GPS Location Tracker Call Multiple Numbers?

When the user presses their SOS button, an instant call will be made to the first number registered on the application, along with a text message to any other numbers registered on the smartphone application. If this call is not answered, the SOS call will cycle through to the next number on the application until it is answered.

How Does This Call Come Through?

The call will arrive with the carer/guardian via their "phonebook" not via the installed application. Any accompanying text message will arrive as a standardised text message.

Sensitivity Alteration

If you find sensitivity is an issue, or you keep setting your alarm off by crouching, kneeling or moving abruptly, simply adjust the sensitivity function on your fall sensory. This can be done by toggling the sensitivity setting on your Medpage GPS location tracker application on your smartphone.

How Do I Set My Medpage MMTB 02 Tracker Up?

The best way to set your Medpage GPS Location Tracker and Fall Sensor up is to follow the instructions in the manual provided, or to watch the instructional, step-by-step video we've included below:

Which App Do I Download?

In order to track your loved one, you will need to download one of two applications depending on the model of smartphone you own. These applications use GPS monitoring to track the location of your loved one provided they have their Medpage Location Tracker on their person.

These applications can be accessed via the Android Playstore or the Apple Store, or by scanning the QR code in the manual provided with your purchase.

  • ReachFar GPS Tracker APP (IOS Apple)
  • AnyTracking (Android)

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 12mm
  • Weight (including battery): 24g
  • Splash-proof to IP57

Additional Information

All the GPS Location Tracker and Fall Sensor requires for set up is a SIM card, either on contract or Pay As You Go. It has been tested on all major UK mobile networks, however it is not recommended to be used with the Three network.

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When ordering before 14:00 Monday to Friday, your item will usually be dispatched the same working day.

Please see our delivery pages for more information. For up to the minute delivery information, please call our customer care team on 020 7501 1106 who will be happy to help.

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Medpage Micro GPS Location Tracker and Fall Sensor
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Great reasurancce
12 March 2021  |  Ian

Service from Care Alarms regarding delivery was excellent. product was easy to set up. Though they could make it easier to find there helpful set up video. The instructions supplied were a bit confusing but once i found there set up video easy and worked 1st time. The App makes set up and adjustment very easy. but I feel that from the supplied instruction sheet it is not obvious there is an App.
Overall the Device works very well, but do find the fall alarm function very sensative and get a few false alarms. We do use the device on the supplied wrist strap and prehaps it will be less sensative as a pendent, have found threading the pendent cord through the slots on the device difficult.
Overall very please especially the abilaty to phone up the device when unable to contact my wife on normal phones. Set on Auto answer it rings once then connects so i can alway get the reassurance of speaking to her.

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Great product and service
27 November 2020  |  Rosemary

Delivery of this item was very prompt - it arrived the day after I ordered it. I ordered this for my dad who has early stage dementia. It was a little complicated to set up software on the computer and my mum needed a little help with that. But once we got that sorted, they were able to test it out and it seems to work well. Now my dad can go out for short walks on his own and my mum is reassured that he can contact her in an emergency or that she can check his location, if he is away longer than expected.

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