POCSAG Universal Transmitter with Jelly Switch

POCSAG Universal Transmitter with Jelly Switch

Call button and transmitter to connects to your existing POCSAG Pager. Easy press button ideal for those with limited dexterity. Long range transmitter for use in large homes or with thick walls.

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If you care for someone elderly or disabled, it's important for you to be able to quickly respond should they need assistance. But if they are in another room, they may be unable alert someone and get the aid they need. This can be unsafe, particularly for elderly patients at risk of falls.

There are alarm systems out there which allow patients to alert their carer. However, often these are not designed with those with poor dexterity in mind and are fiddly and difficult to use.

The POCSAG Universal Transmitter with Jelly Switch is for use alongside your POCSAG Pager. The button is easily activated, requiring minimal amount of pressure, making it perfect for use by patients with weaker hands or physical disability. Furthermore, the transmitter has a longer range, ideal for use in large care homes or buildings with thick walls. 

How Does the Transmitter with Jelly Switch Work?

The Jelly Switch is easy to set up and can be used all around your home or care home. It simply plugs into the included transmitter, which is then able to signal your existing pager if the jelly switch is pressed.

The switch can be pressed very easily, only requiring a minimal amount of pressure, perfect for use by those who may struggle with a more fiddly call alarm pendant or switch. An alarm system such as the POCSAG Universal Transmitter with Jelly Switch allows for the perfect compromise, enabling you to give your patient some privacy without sacrificing their safety.

Features of the POCSAG Universal Transmitter and Switch

  • Long transmission range - ideal for larger buildings, bad signal areas, stone built properties etc
  • Easy to set up and use - no wiring
  • Can be used all around the house
  • Switch button is activated very easily with minimal pressure - ideal for those with physical disabilities or poor dexterity 
  • Can also be used to aid people with cognitive problems, dementia, learning disabilities and many other conditions that could inhibit the use of a more fiddly call alarm pendant or switch
  • Can be personalised - you can unscrew the switch cover to change the colour or add a photo. Useful for use in a care home with multiple patients as prevents devices getting mixed up

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