Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor with Bed Sensor PVC Mat and Vibrating Pillow Pad

Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor with Bed Sensor PVC Mat and Vibrating Pillow Pad

The Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor with Bed Sensor PVC Mat is designed to alert the carer to a fit in the night. The mat is designed so it cannot fall through the slats in a bed.

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In stock now

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Caring for a patient with epilepsy is hard work. There is no down time, no holidays and no opportunity for a good night's sleep. The Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor with Bed Sensor PVC Mat is an ideal way of monitoring the patient and being alerted to a fit without having to watch over them constantly. You can rest assured knowing a signal will sound as soon as a fit occurs.

This monitor is highly similar to the Emfit Tonic Clonic Seizure Monitor with Bed Sensor Mat. The PVC covering, however, makes the mat suitable for profiling and slatted beds. The cover prevents the mat from slipping between the gaps and being rendered ineffective.

The alarm is the first to detect a seizure as well as act as a bed leaving alarm. Positioned under the mattress, it monitors the movements using patented sensor technology and sounds an alert when fast or sudden actions are felt. There are a range of pagers and receivers available to suit your requirements.

Features of the Emfit tonic clonic seizure monitor with bed sensor  PVC mat

  • Detects the fast/sudden movements of a fit
  • Acts as a bed leaving alarm
  • Delay time option: 20 seconds for a fit, 30 minutes for bed leaving
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Positioned under the mattress
  • Monitor can be wall mounted
  • No weight limit
  • Sensitive enough for a small child
  • Only 1 wire connecting monitor and mat
  • Hyperventilation and part-convulsions are enough to trigger the alarm
  • Can connect to most nurse call systems
  • Suitable for profiling beds
  • Ideal for slatted beds

Kits for the emfit tonic clonic seizure monitor with bed sensor PVC mat

There are a range of kits for the seizure mat depending on your requirements:

With Pillow Pad:

Pillow pad can be placed under the pillow of a deaf carer to ensure they are alerted.

  • L-4040SL Bed Sensor
  • D-1090-2G Controller
  • Vibrating Pillow Pad
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Bed Head Bracket
  • 2 x AA batteries

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