Emfit SafeSeat Occupancy Alarm System

Emfit SafeSeat Occupancy Alarm System

The SafeSeat Alarm monitors an individual's movement and sounds an alarm when this is no longer detected. Ideal for use in care homes and nursing environments.

Available, dispatched in 1-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-5 days

Our Price:  £329.99 (£274.99 ex vat)

Can also be used with the SafeFloor and Safebed Systems. Take a look below:

When in a care home environment, keeping a person sitting down without using restraints can be hard. But there is a far higher risk of falls and injuries if patients are free to rise as they please, increasing the stress and workload for the staff.

The Emfit SafeSeat Occupancy Alarm System takes away that worry. The sensor is positioned on the chair and when it can no longer detect any movement, an alarm is triggered. If a patient gets up, the staff is immediately alerted and can attend the scene.

Features of the emfit safeseat occupancy alarm system

The SafeSeat is a sensor pad and a control unit. The pad is positioned under the cushion of a chair, for direct contact can lead to sores for the user or damage the sensor. The control unit comes with a hook to attach it to either the backrest or a wheelchair.

The sensor monitors the movement of the individual, even picking up their respiration and heartbeat levels. When the movement of the user ceases and the sensor cannot pick up these vital signs, an alarm is triggered. This is the case whether a person has stood up or fallen from the chair.

Volume control is easy due to the switch on the control unit. The volume can be adjusted to suit the individual's needs, ensuring the nursing staff can hear the alarm when it sounds.

The sensor pad does not have any embedded wires or switches and the control unit is powered through rechargeable batteries. Both elements are highly durable.

SafeSeat is designed for use in a care home or nursing environment where assistance is on hand already.

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