Emfit Dynamic Seat Sensor Mat

Emfit Dynamic Seat Sensor Mat

The Emfit Dynamic Seat Sensor Mat alerts the carer if the patient leaves their seat to ensure they are alerted to a potential fall.

Available, dispatched in 1-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-5 days

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Despite the care and support a care home can provide, it can be hard to have eyes on the patients at all times. Several vulnerable people are at risk of falls, even if they are left sitting securely on a chair. But having fallen from the chair, it can be some time before anyone notices them, especially if they are unable to call out for help. Knowing the fall has happened is half of the battle when it comes to providing the aid required.

What if that time delay can be reduced, even eliminated? Aid can be provided as soon as the fall has happened and assistance given to the person who requires it. There will be no need to worry over whether a fall has befallen your loved one and whether they have been found or not. Nursing staff would not have to keep checking to make sure everyone is sitting where they should be.

The Emfit Dynamic Seat Sensor Mat can do just that. It is best suited for dementia and nursing homes where the help is already present. The seat sounds an alarm when the person leaves the seat, allowing those nearby to check whether they have stood up or whether a fall has occurred.

Features of the Dynamic seat sensor mat

The Seat Sensor Mat is designed for use in a care home where help is already close-by. It allows users to be seated without the use of restraints as nursing staff are immediately alerted by an audible alarm when the pressure leaves the pad. While this does sound when a person stands up, it also will be triggered if a fall has happened, allowing aid to reach the individual quickly.

The Seat Sensor Mat consists of a chair-mounted sensor and a control unit. The sensor is positioned under the cushion on the chair while the control unit can be fastened to the backrest. The control unit is battery powered, reducing the amount of wires and helping to prevent things from going wrong or malfunctioning. The sensor itself does not have embedded wires or switches, helping to improve the durability of the seat

The monitor has an adjustable volume control on it. This means that it can be easily altered to ensure that the alarm will be heard by those who can provide the aid. It is also run off rechargeable batteries, reducing the worry over a power problem while the chair is in use.

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