Bellman Ringer Flash

Bellman Ringer Flash

Device which flashes brightly when the telephone rings, alerting the hard of hearing of an incoming call. The design is robust and durable, for lasting quality, but also portable for use around the house.



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Bellman Ringer Flash

Commonplace tasks such as answering the telephone are not always so simple for the hard of hearing. Often, the ringing of a standard telephone simply isn't loud enough to be detected.

The Bellman Ringer Flash provides an simple solution to this, connecting to your telephone to alert you with a distinct flashing light whenever you have an incoming call. Easy to set up and able to connect to an outdoor speaker, this dependable device will help to prevent you from missing a call.

How Does the Ringer Flash Work?

The Bellman Flash Ringer simply connects to your telephone socket and is powered from the mains, using the provided power supply unit. It can then make the ringing of your phone more obvious to you by emitting a bright flashing light whenever you have an incoming call. If used with the Bellman Outdoor Telephone Ringer (accessory), your Flash Ringer will be able to alert you by sound as well as light. 

The robust design makes for a durable device, whilst its portability means you can still move it around your house with ease. You could even take it to another location, such as work, and connect it to a telephone there if you so wish. 

Features and Benefits of the Bellman Ringer Flash

The Bellman Ringer aims to improve upon a restriction the hard of hearing may face in the home, and does so using several features: 

  • Bright flashing Xenon lights - an incoming call can be clearly identified 
  • Mains powered - no need to keep replacing batteries
  • Easy to set up using provided table stand, cable and plug
  • Robust and durable - can withstand tough conditions
  • Portable - sleek, easily movable design so you can take the ringer to work with you
  • Rotating flash head - can point the device in the required direction or turn it away if the flashing is too bright
  • Expandable - can be used with the outdoor speaker to add sound alerts
  • Is usually placed on a level surface but can also be mounted on the wall using wall bracket (accessory)

Technical Specifications

  • Mains power: 9V DC/ 500mA with power supply unit
  • Analogue telephone network activation: 30-90V DC, 13 - 60Hz
  • Built-in flash signal: 10 Candela
  • Sound signal: 95dBA maximum at 1m with BE9003 External Loudspeaker (accessory). The main frequency range is 500 - 1000Hz
  • Dimensions Ø x H: 70x140mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Colour: white
  • Cable length: power supply unit 3m

Additional Information

The Ringer Flash is designed for indoor use only. Warning - flashes can cause epileptic attacks.

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