Bellman Bed Shaker, Baby Cry Transmitter, Optical Smoke Detector and Wrist Receiver

Bellman Bed Shaker, Baby Cry Transmitter, Optical Smoke Detector and Wrist Receiver

The Bellman Bed Shaker, Baby Cry Transmitter, Optical Smoke Detector and Wrist Receiver pack is a guaranteed way to keep those who are hard of hearing safe throughout the night.

Available, dispatched in 1-3 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-3 days

Our Price:  £726.99 (£605.83 ex vat)

Bellman Bed Shaker, Baby Cry Transmitter, Optical Smoke Detector and Wrist Receiver

For those who are hard of hearing, making sure you are alerted to your surroundings throughout the day can be a challenge enough. Ensuring you hear everything of importance during the night is a harder challenge. Whether it is a baby crying or the fire alarm going off, not being able to hear the alarm leaves you and your family in possible distress and danger.

The Bellman Bed Shaker is designed to awaken even the heaviest of sleepers when an alarm sounds. Connected to the Bellman Receivers means a number of transmitters can be connected. When an alert is triggered, the receiver activates the bed shaker, which draws you from your slumber.

To make life easier, Bellman now have a kit available: the Bellman Bed Shaker, Baby Cry Transmitter, Optical Smoke Detector, and Wrist Receiver. This way, you can be safe throughout the night and not have to worry.

What Is in the Kit?

In this particular kit, there are the following items:

All of these products work with the entire range of Bellman Receivers. This Wrist Receiver features different icons for different alarms, and can be worn around the wrist to enable it to be conveniently carried around the house.

Features of the Transmitters

Baby Cry Transmitter

The baby cry transmitter is ideal to monitor  a child for those who are hard of hearing. Operating with a 200m wireless range and up to a year's life on a standard battery, the transmitter will inform you if your child is crying.

The transmitter is best position 0.5 - 2m away from the child so they cannot reach it. Adjustable sensitivity means false alarms are reduced.

Smoke Detector

The Optical Smoke Detector detects heat and smoke, and monitors swift building fires with accuracy. It is ideal where there is a range of hearing abilities due to the way it also sounds a siren alarm like a normal fire alarm.

Bed Shaker

The bed shaker is positioned under the pillow or mattress. When an alert is sent to the receiver, it triggers powerful vibrations to waken the sleeper. Operating on a low voltage to ensure safety at all times, the shaker is powered through the receiver, removing any battery concerns.

Please note: The Pager Receiver is shown in the image provided. The Wrist Receiver will be provided.

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