Wireless Alarm Transmitter & Receiver for Emfit Range

Wireless Alarm Transmitter & Receiver for Emfit Range

The Emfit Wireless Alarm Transmitter & Receiver can be used with any of the sensors to ensure you hear the alarm going off even from a different part of the house.

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This item can be used with all of the Emfit Sensors. Explore tha range below

Even with alarm systems helping to monitor a patient, being a carer is still hard work. There is always the risk you will not hear the alarm. This may cause worry and stress, preventing you from moving out of range of the alarm.

But imagine if that worry is taken away? Imagine if you knew you would hear the alarm even if you are at the other end of the house. It would make life a lot easier by taking away some of the stress and constant worry that is part of daily life when you are a carer.

The Emfit Alarm Transmitter and Receiver is designed to do just this. It works with any of the Emfit Alarm ranges, including the Safefloor and Safebed ranges. This means that even if the carer is out of earshot of the actual alarm, they will be alerted to a problem. The transmitter is attached to any of the sensors and the receiver is triggered when the alarm sounds.

Features of the Alarm Transmitter and Receiver

The transmitter and receiver has a range of up to 80 metres. This means that it can be positioned anywhere within that 80m and still pick up the signal from the transmitter, meaning you can be in another part of the house and not have to worry about hearing the alarm.

The receiver has both a sound and visual alert and can be switched easily between the two through the use of a slide switch. It has a choice of 9 different emergency alarm sounds so you can pick the one that is most suitable for your personal preferences.

The transmitter is a wireless panic alarm device that can be plugged straight into the Emfit unit that is required. It can also be unplugged and used as a wireless panic alarm throughout the day if added support is required. This means that even when out and about, the condition is being monitored and the alarm can still sound.

Both the transmitter and receiver run on batteries. This is a high energy saving design as the battery life is up to 12 months (based on 20 operations per day).

Even if other units are nearby, the transmitter and receiver are still guaranteed to work. This is because there are 16 digital codes within the unit to ensure the signal is getting through.

The receiver and transmitter can be wall-mounted. This is done through an easy design, however, that guarantees the wall will not be damaged in the process. It is also quick and easy as both can be removed for portability purposes if required.

This pack also comes with a bell pager. While this can be used as a doorbell, it can also be used as a second pager unit if required, especially if there is a child involved. There is a different sound triggered on the receiver from the bell unit.

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