Find Signage Dementia Interchangeable Shared Bedroom Sign

Find Signage Dementia Interchangeable Shared Bedroom Sign

Specifically designed for dementia, the Find Signage Dementia Interchangeable Shared Bedroom Sign is available for two, three or four occupants and uses interchangeable names and pictures.

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For those with dementia it can be incredibly hard to read standard signage. In unfamiliar environments like a new care home this can cause significant stress and anxiety, so it's vital you do everything possible to help those under your care find their way throughout your facility.

The Find Signage Dementia Interchangeable Shared Bedroom Sign has been designed specifically to aid those with dementia to find their bedroom or the room of another in your facility, helping to reduce your residents' levels of stress and anxiety.

Designed for Dementia

The sign specifically helps the cognitive-impaired find their room or others' rooms by targeting key cognitive factors that usually influence those with dementia. By providing multi-sensory recognition to residents – touch, pictorial and colour – it gives them a clear idea of what the sign is for.

Interchangeable Name and Picture

The sign features interchangeable spaces for names and pictures, helping residents identify their space as well as helping them find other residents' rooms more easily to provide a more communal and friendly atmosphere.

The shared bedroom signs are available in versions for two, three or four individuals, helping you provide your residents with accurate and personalised signage.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Being lost in an unfamiliar environment can cause significant stress and anxiety in those with dementia. This can make what is meant to feel like their new home instead feel like a labyrinth with no exit. This clear and easy to locate sign helps you give residents a clear indication as to what the room is and who it belongs to, reducing the anxiety a new environment can cause.

Suitable for Care Homes

Find Signage interchangeable signs have been developed specifically for use in care homes. They feature a durable construction and integral wall fittings to reduce the risk of vandalism.

Different Colours Available

The signs are available with four different background colours to choose from:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

It can be difficult to ascertain which colour is most effective for your residents, so the multiple colour options help you choose what you feel is best for them.

Sizes of the Find Signage Dementia Interchangeable Shared Bedroom Sign

The dimensions of the Find Signage Dementia Interchangeable Shared Bedroom Signs are:

  • Shared by 2:
    • Height: 395mm
    • Width: 480mm
  • Shared by 3:
    • Height: 520mm
    • Width: 480mm
  • Shared by 4:
    • Height: 570mm
    • Width: 480mm

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