Dementia Patience Cards for Carers

Dementia Patience Cards for Carers

Dementia Patience Cards helps you explain dementia to strangers. Great for excursions and trips out, the cards help the dependent retain dignity. The pack includes a wallet and 20 cards.

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If you're looking to refill your set of Dementia Patience Cards, the Dementia Patience Cards Refill Pack includes 50 extra cards and offers great value for money: 

Dementia Patience Cards Refill PackDementia Patience Cards Refill Pack

Excursions and trips out can be a great experience for those with dementia. Helping them be active and engage in new environments is incredibly important for their overall wellbeing. However, not everyone is as patient as you, and it can be incredibly demeaning to have to explain to others why they may not be as responsive as they would like.

The Dementia Patience Cards for Carers presents a novel solution to these problems, enabling you to give a clear and concise explanation of dementia and why the person you are with may not be very responsive while enabling them to maintain their dignity.

Maintains Dignity

It can be incredibly undignified to have to explain dementia to someone in front of someone with dementia. It can reduce their confidence and make them less willing to go on trips in the future. The cards enable carers to explain the condition and the situation before issues arise without having to discuss it in front of their dependent, helping them to maintain their dignity and get the support they need from others around them.


The message on these cards reads as follows:

      "The person I am with has a condition known as dementia

      Please be patient as they may:

  • Repeat questions
  • Forget what you have told them
  • Take longer to make a decision

      Thank you for your understanding"

Reduces Stressful Situations

Individuals such as waiters may not be as patient with those with dementia as they may need, which can result in stressful and awkward situations. The patience cards help to reduce the chance of these situations occurring, helping you and your dependent enjoy your days out stress-free.

Supplied with 20 Cards

20 cards are included with the set, suitable for a range of encounters in a range of environments. The set also includes a handy plastic carry wallet to keep the cards stored safely in a bag or pocket when not needed.

Dimensions of the Dementia Patience Cards for Carers

The dimensions of each of the Dementia Patience Cards for Carers are:

  • Width: 85mm
  • Depth: 25mm

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