Care Call Under Carpet Pad Alarm System with Pager

Care Call Under Carpet Pad Alarm System with Pager

The Care Call Under Carpet Pad Alarm System with Pager is triggered when the user rises, alerting the carer to movement that shouldn't be taking place.

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There are a number of different sensors to help you monitor loved ones. Explore the range below

It can be hard caring for a loved one, even in the environment of a care home. What was previously a safe house is now riddled with dangers; slippery floors, stairs in the dark, an open window or door providing temptation to those prone to wandering. It can feel like you need to be in several places at once just to be able to keep track of your patient and ensuring they are where they should be.

The Care Call Under Carpet Pad Alarm System with Pager is a lightweight and discreet, fully portable vibrating Pager unit and Charger, supplied with a Under Carpet Pad and Mini Monitor for remote monitoring of patient movement. It provides the helping hand that you need, alerting you when the patient is on the move, especially if they shouldn't be.

The pager can worn by the user on the belt, in a pocket or around the neck using the cord while the Mini monitor is easy to connect to the under carpet pad and can be programmed with a delayed alert to allow for bathroom breaks and other short absences.

The included trickle charger allows the Care Call Pager to charge throughout the night without interrupting it's services, ensuring you can have peace of mind 24 hours a day.

Care Call, Wherever You Need It, Whenever You Need It

Care Call offers an incredible range of care alarms and has been doing so for the past 10 years. Don't let the simple, discreet design of their pager mislead you, its great many applications and range of up to 1000 metres in open air means Care Call is a leading name in care pager technology.

With DIY installation and setup the Care Call system fills the gap between expensive entry level border alarms and nurse call station systems. With 6 channels allowing a range of alert systems to be programmed, the Care Call system is ideal for the care of people with:

  • Alzheimer's
  • Mobility Problems
  • A tendency to fall
  • A tendency to wander or sleepwalk

The accompanying Mini Monitor comprises of a monitor and an connecting pressure pad, allowing carers to remotely monitor patient movement.

Features of the Care Call Under Carpet Pad Alarm System with Pager

  • Easy to use pager
  • Can accommodate 12 transmitters for the monitoring of multiple areas or patients
  • Can alert the carer with an audio alarm or a subtle vibration if required
  • The Carer can write on the front label to make it quick and easy to determine which monitor has been triggered
  • Low-profile design easily worn around the neck or on the waistband
  • Charger provided 24 hour notification from the full range of Care Call monitors
  • Wireless Range up to 1000m in open air
  • Automatic low battery signal sent to Pager
  • Discreet monitoring
  • Free technical helpline
  • LED backlit keys on pager
  • 1 year warranty

Under Carpet System Care Call

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