Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter, Magnetic Clip and Receiver

Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter, Magnetic Clip and Receiver

The Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter, Magnetic Switch and Receiver provides an entire kit for the hard of hearing for door and telephone monitoring.

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The Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter, Magnetic Clip and Pager can also be used with the door contact mat. See below for more information

For those who are hard of hearing, it is not just the actual hearing itself that causes the problems. Not being aware of your surroundings in the same way can be problematic and dangerous, especially when it comes to potential intruders.

The Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter is designed to alert a user to a phone ringing. But other transmitters can be used with it. Transmitters such as the Bellman Visit Magnetic Clip sends a signal to the telephone transmitter when a window or door has been accessed, which transfers the signal to the Bellman Receiver of your choice.

The Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter, Magnetic Clip and Receiver kit is now designed with everything you need to monitor these things.

Features of the telephone transmitter 

The telephone transmitter can be used alongside an analogue telephone by plugging into the telephone socket. It detects when the phone is ringing, then uses radio signals to pass this transmission onto the receiver of your choice, which reacts accordingly. 

The transmitter has a number of different features that allows it to operate to this high standard. These include:

  • Can detect four separate triggers – customisable so individual alerts can be set for multiple triggers
  • Adjustable radio key allows reliable use even in close proximity to other Visit Transmitters
  • Wireless transmission with 200m operating range
  • Long lasting power – up to 3 years on a standard battery
  • Can be mounted onto a wall using bracket and screws or self-adhesive Velcro tape (all included)
  • Can also be placed on a level surface 

Features of the magnetic clip

The magnets come as a pair. One is attached to the window/door frame and the other to the window or door itself. When the two part, an alert is sent to the telephone transmitter, alerting anyone hard of hearing that the exit has been accessed. Not only is this ideal for tracking children or elderly loved ones, it is also a security element as it helps alert you to a possible intruder.


The telephone transmitter can function with a number of the Bellman Receivers. Each have a different response to an alarm, meaning you can find the right combination that is best for your needs.

The range consists of the following:

  • Pager Receiver: compact pager, ideal for putting in your pocket. Vibration and light patterns, with corresponding images for different alarms
  • Portable Receiver: Flashing lights and individual sounds to identify between the different transmitters
  • Audio Receiver: Suitable for use with hearing aids through a loop amplifier
  • Flash Receiver: Flashing lights indicates an alarm is going off
  • Portable Flash Receiver: Same as above, but operates off batteries instead of the mains power
  • Wrist Receiver: Different icons for different alarms, but can be worn around the wrist

You can pick the best receiver for your needs using the drop-down box above.

Please note: the pager receiver is shown in the image.

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