Bed Head Call Point Transmitter

Bed Head Call Point Transmitter

Transmitter to signal the Central Monitor Nurse Call Display which allows patient to alert a nurse or carer. Can be used with bed and chair leaving sensors mats.

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Bed Head Call Point Transmitter

If you are a nurse caring for multiple patients, it can be really difficult to keep on top of everyone's needs. You may find yourself wishing you could be in several places at once, ensuring you are there to monitor all your patients and be there to assist them when they need it.

Being in several places at once is, of course, impossible, however with the Bed Head Call Point Transmitter you can help keep tabs on multiple patients. 

Connecting to your Central Monitor Nurse Call Display, the device makes it easy for patients to alert the attention of a nurse or carer. This contributes to a less stressful environment for carers and a safer environment for patients.

How Does the Call Point Transmitter Work?

The device works as a bed call switch, allowing a patient to alert someone more easily should they need assistance.

The transmitter can be simply set up near to the bed of the user, attaching to the wall with the provided wall fixings or simply standing on a bedside table. Then, if they press the call button, a radio signal will be sent to the existing Nurse Call Monitor. The transmitter can also be used with certain occupancy sensors to alert a carer when the patient has left their bed or chair. 

This allows you to monitor a patient or loved one, ideal if they suffer from dementia and may be prone to wandering off. With the Bed Head Call Point Transmitter, you can spread yourself a little less thinly knowing your patients will be able to alert you if they need to. 

Features of the Bed Head Call Point Transmitter

  • High quality bed call switch
  • For use with the Central Monitor Nurse Call Display
  • Can be used with bed or chair occupancy sensors 
  • Simple ID code set up - can signal room, ward number or bed number so you know exactly where your help is needed 
  • Both battery and mains operated
  • Low battery warning sound so you won't be caught without power
  • Built in nurse assistance button and alarm call reset button
  • Wall fixing lugs included to easily attach transmitter to wall
  • Can also be placed on a surface

Technical Specifications 

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 115mm x 75mm x 20mm
  • 3m switch lead
  • Power: 9V PP3 or mains 9V DC power adaptor 
  • Case material: ABS
  • Transmission frequency: 433.92mHz
  • Range: 100m (clear line of sight)

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